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How to Host a Living Room Concert in Your Home

Hosting a live professional concert in your home is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding social events you can imagine.  Living-Room-Concerts is ready to work with you all the way to make your event a smashing success.  Contact us before you start the process so we can help you have the most successful experience possible.

1.  Ask Yourself If You Have...
  A genuine love of live music, be it folk, jazz, blues, classical, roots, rock,  bluegrass, Celtic, cabaret, Broadway, pop or whatever
  An enthusiastic desire to host a live music experience in your home for your friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers and other acquaintances
  A space in your home big enough to comfortably seat 20 or more people (usually seated on folding chairs) - Living-Room-Concerts can help you measure
  Ample parking space for the cars that will bring your guests to your concert

The Good Lovelies2. Book the Artist
The first step to presenting a house concert is selecting an act that you really love, an individual or group that you can enthusiastically recommend to all those you are inviting.  If you don't immediately have someone in mind, Living-Room-Concerts can make recommendations and will contact any artist on your behalf.  There are many talented and popular entertainers who love house concerts and are eager to provide you and your guests with a wonderful evening of live music and fun.  We will take care of all the arrangements so that all you have to do is be the gracious host that everyone knows you to be.

3.  Invite Your Guests
Contact friends, neighbors, relatives, colleagues at work, people from your  church or social group, anyone and everyone that you think would enjoy attending a live professional music concert in your home.  If you have room enough for 30 people, you should invite at least twice that many to ensure a full house.  And remember, the people you invite might very well have a spouse or someone else they would like to invite.  It doesn't take long to fill up your living room.  Living-Room-Concerts will help you with sample emails, handouts and even coaching with what to say on the telephone.  You'll be amazed at how much your friends will love this idea.

4.  Enjoy the Party!
Someone from Living-Room-Concerts will be on hand on the big night to help with the details such as hanging up coats, collecting last-minute payment for tickets, and manning the "merchandise table" (selling CDs, t-shirts or whatever).

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