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Some of the Musicians Who Love to Do House Concerts

Anne Lindsay Bill Candy Carolyn Lykkemark
Dala Jory Nash Katherine Wheatley
Kevin Breit Layah Jane Nonie Crete
Rick Fines Soul Surfers Suzie Vinnick
Tannis Slimmon Virgil Scott  

Carolyn Lykkemark
Thoughtfully choosing her repertoire from songs by Gershwin to Sondheim to Bonnie Raitt, Carolyn combines emotional depth with her superb vocal ability to carry her audience on a journey that can only be described as "spiritual".

Rick Fines
"Just try not to smile when Rick Fines is on the stereo. A gorgeous picker with a down-home voice and attitude, even Fines’ blues can lift your spirits."
- Norm Provencher, The Ottawa Citizen


Layah Jane
"...a tremendous performance of creativity, vocal clarity, passion, and energy. Twenty-six-year-old, Toronto-based, singer-songwriter Layah Jane is a hearty young musician with a mission...Winner of a number of Toronto music scene awards, she deftly weaves threads of folk and jazz, along with heartfelt lyrics and captivating charisma."
- The Toronto Star

Nonie Crete
Well known to local concert-goers, Nonie lives many musical lives. As a singer-songwriter she has released 7 albums to date and has two in the works at present with her musical partner Eugene Rea.


Katherine Wheatley
"Katherine Wheatley gave an absolutely transcendent concert. She is able to take minor observations in life and find their soul. On stage...she exudes sheer kindness and love. Blessedly, refreshingly, Katherine Wheatley is a truly Canadian original"
- Hubert O'Hearn of The Chronicle Journal

Bill Candy
As a live performer, Bill Candy brings a gripping combination of guitar and vocal mastery to the stage. His original arrangements of folk, jazz, country, blues & pop classics are both unique and refreshing – keeping the audience entertained for the entire performance.

Virgil Scott
"Delightful! What memories! What a voice! This is one of Canada's greatest singers, and a must see for all ages. I laughed, I cried, I almost danced, WOW! Virgil really has something special with this show, and the whole country is going to want to see it."
- Jim Paulson AM 740

Soul Surfers
Douglas John Cameron, Adam Crossley, Daniel Roth -three stellar singer-songwriters in their own rite who have come together to create an ensemble that is even greater than the sum of it's parts.
You can read Jim Darley's review of Soul Surfers' March 2009 concert on The Blog.


Tannis Slimmon
"A breathtaking vocalist with a bright, angelic disposition, Slimmon is a favourite folk attraction whose harmonies are as warm as her smile.”
- Exclaim
You can read Jim Darley's review of Tannis' March 2009 concert on The Blog.

From their high school music class all the way to Massey Hall, Amanda and Sheila of Dala have come a long way in a short time. These two best friends have brought their signature style of acoustic pop music to audiences across Canada.


Anne Lindsay
“The languid jazzy, acoustic opening launched a rarefied super jam between Lindsay and Cripps as they traded explosive licks on fiddle and guitar, while Cuddy stood there and marvelled at where these familiar songs had gone.”
- Rick Overall, Ottawa Sun


Jory Nash
Jory Nash has crisscrossed North America several times, playing folk festivals, folk clubs, concert series and house concerts. He has built a large, loyal fan-base and he has been fortunate enough to see most of North America in the process. Unusual things tend to happen to Jory on the road, and when not legally bound to silence he will incorporate these events into his onstage storytelling. Jory has a lot of stories.

Suzie Vinnick
"Her solo work jumps genre barriers with the ease of an Olympic hurdles champion... She's equally at home in folk, blues, pop and country... Her new CD, Happy Here, marks her as a roots-based songstress of real skill and artistic depth...."
Kerry Doole, Exclaim Magazine

Kevin Breit
Kevin lists recordings and performances with the likes of Norah Jones, Rosanne Cash, Susana Baca, Bill Frisell, k.d. lang, Cassandra Wilson, Holly Cole, Jeb Loy Nichols, and Dal Bello, among the varied artists that seek his innovative guitar style. His tremendous prowess on all things stringed, combined with his knowledge of harmony, give Kevin a unique compositional voice.



Information for Performers

Folk, jazz, roots, classical, pop, blues, bluegrass, Broadway, cabaret, etc.
If you are a professional singer and/or musician, solo artist or ensemble, who really enjoys performing at house concerts, get in touch with us about being considered for our roster.  Because the house concert hosts rely heavily on our recommendation, we will only include in our listings those artists who have a proven track record in the industry.

A listing here on Living-Room-Concerts.ca provides you with additional exposure as well as an endorsement of the value of your talent and showmanship.

We will work with you or your agent to secure high quality gigs that pay well.  And we will work hard to facilitate a smooth and mutually beneficial relationship between you and the presenter.

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