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You Always Wanted to Know About House Concerts
But Were Afraid to Ask

1.  What exactly is a "House Concert" anyway?

A "House Concert" is a "concert in someone's living room", an opportunity for folks who love live music to open their homes to professional musicians who are eager to perform for small groups of attentive and enthusiastic listeners in the intimacy of a home setting. The host/presenter with a room in their home big enough to seat 20 to 50 people, invites their friends, relatives and neighbors to attend a full length professional music concert on a given evening. Attendees are asked to make a donation, usually around $20, most of which goes directly to the performers. Finger foods and beverages (often "pot luck") are available before and after the concert so that patrons, performers and the host can mingle and socialize.

The presenter, of course, has the honour and the pleasure of hosting a wonderful cultural event right in their own home. The patrons (i.e. audience members) enjoy a fabulous evening of up-close-and-personal live entertainment for a very reasonable cost. And the performers enjoy the satisfaction of singing for a live audience where they can see each and every face, not to mention the financial benefits of receiving most of "the door", plus revenue from CD sales after the show.

2.  How can I hold a "house concert" in my home?

Go to our Presenters page for all the details.

3.  Where does the money from ticket sales go?

Technically, house concerts are a charitable activity for the support of the artists who are performing.  As such, seats are reserved by making a "donation".

80% to 100% of the "donations" go to the performer(s).  In some cases, a small portion of the money collected may be used to defray costs such as rentals, organizer's fees, and/or beverages and snacks.  Also, a small percentage will usually be remitted to SOCAN, an organization that passes the money along to the songwriters whose songs were performed at the house concert.

4.  Can I make money from holding a house concert?

The house concert movement is really all about the artists who write and perform their music for you and your guests.  As much as possible, the "donations" from the sale of tickets should go to the performers to support them in the wonderful part they are playing in enriching our lives and our culture.

5.  Who's behind Living-Room-Concerts.ca?

For the answer, click here.


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